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Thanks for your thoughts!!  They are so appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Send Me a Note

  1. Julie, I met you at the writers’ circle in Prairie du Sac Wednesday and asked for your blog address. I’m so glad I did. My husband and I live in an old Victorian (1875) that was the town “haunted house” when we moved from St. Louis and bought it. It hadn’t been lived in since the early fifties and had sat abandoned and forlorn until we moved in 1979. We have been here ever since restoring and upgrading and, like you, finding the personality of this structure. You definitely have a book here and an audience of people like myself who believe that part of the soul of those that lived in these home resides forever. I know I want to “haunt” this place when I die. I look forward to future postings to see how Simplicity and you continue to explore and develop this lovely relationship.


    1. Hi Alice, this is Susan Mendenhall. What a lovely note you sent me! Thank you for your time and attention to my blog and especially that you, too, think it has potential to be a book. Love thinking of you in your Victorian and me in our American Four Square – listening to the stories of these old houses. Thank you! And what a delight to meet you at Julie’s! Hope we cross paths in the future. In the meantime – will think of you and your barge!


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