Extra Credit

Dear Readers.   I wrote about a cabinet in Simplicity’s kitchen months ago in a blog called The Indispensable Cupboard. My writing coach challenged me to describe it differently and this was the result.  My writing friends say this is their all time favorite blog about Simplicity and to please post it. Enjoy!

kitchen cabinet2


The tall blonde stands quietly in the corner.  The light from the long kitchen windows suits her, enriches her ash blonde coloring. Both she and the windows fit well in the space. Don is the first to greet her in the morning, often before daylight enters the room.   The coffee maker snuggles onto one of her shelves.  This is where she and Don meet, in the mornings, over coffee, while I still sleep.


When we purchased the tall blonde, I had no idea that she would favor Don over me.  While that happens with chairs, his and hers, different body types needing different comforts, this was unexpected from a cabinet. They bonded from the beginning.


She came into our life when we moved into an apartment, in need of a most efficient place for our computer needs. She was perfect! I now know that I was naïve to think of her as only a computer cabinet.  Did Don see more in her at their first encounter or was it a gradual affair? Either way, it took place right under my nose and totally without suspicion.


When we moved from the apartment to Simplicity, the tall blonde came with us.  Don reworked her job description and she was soon employed as an entertainment center.  With her long lanky doors, she could easily hide things. At the time, I saw this as was one of her virtues.  Now I see the progression of her patient plotting and deliberate ploy into Don’s life.  Did he not see her coy manipulation?


As the years passed, the tall blonde was no longer needed as an entertainment center.  Don was quick to suggest her valuable contribution to the kitchen.  His plan included simple cosmetic surgery with hooks installed to hang pots and pans.  Pullout shelves were used for trays and griddles.  Behind those lanky doors, the coffee maker and blender had special places to live.  Wine bottles and glasses, became an easy reach within her interior world. This was worthy work, assisting our day to day kitchen routines of preparing meals.  The loud banging and cumbersome sorting to find a pan or a blender were gone, problem solved.  Once again, the tall blonde’s diverse resume and dependable service were impressive. Surely, I could see that, Don insisted.


The two of them must have worked together, developing this well-conceived accommodating role in our home, in our kitchen, in my space.  She knows we depend upon her and that has been the plan all along.  Don defends her.  I have learned to live with this odd relationship of husband and cabinet.



The tall blonde stands quietly in the corner. We never speak of her by name.  Does she have one, I wonder?  The three of us have an unspoken understanding, each doing our part in the day to day routine of life.  While Don may greet her first thing in the morning, I remind myself that I am the one he kisses Good Night.



(The Rest of the Story . . .  When we knew we were selling Simplicity, I suggested to Don that surely it was time for the Tall Blonde to be placed on Craig’s List.  “Let’s wait.  We might need her,” was his response.  The Tall Blonde came with us to the new house.  Is it ironic that she now lives in MY studio holding MY art supplies with consummate grace?  Even I must finally admit, her versatility is amazing.)

4 thoughts on “Extra Credit

    1. Thank you, Anna. Am in the process of creating a book proposal – seeing if a publisher might pick it up. Long shot, but the effort to get it into book form is educational. Long way from seeing it in print, but giving it a good try!!


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