Living In-Between 

ivy and buddha

Your problem is to bridge the gap between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.                                        Earl Nightingale


We are living in the land of in-between.  Not yet in our new home.  Not fully here in Simplicity.  Boxes surround us.  Lists are endless.  Tasks seem overwhelming.  We cannot help but imagine our lives in the house on Rumley Run. There is both excitement and curiosity in the many unknowns before us.


In dismantling Simplicity, we are also dismantling our current life.  With each box we pack, we find ourselves letting go of her.  Experiencing Simplicity’s walls without artwork, floors without rugs, shelves without dishes, we wonder how best to live in this land of in-between?


This morning, Don and I snuggled into the two ends of our sofa with mugs of hot coffee.  The two upholstered chairs where we used to sit for our morning chats are no longer in the room.  They and the rug that tied everything together is gone, sold on Craigslist. There is an absence of the familiar, replaced by stacked cardboard boxes. Living this way is unsettling for us.  As we sipped coffee, our hearts and minds found a temporary solution.


We decided to create one room, the living room, that keeps us grounded, at peace, and has a sense of order.  Here artwork remains on the wall, just enough lamps and end tables find a common purpose, the room is tidy.  The neighboring dining room has turned into a staging area. A standing screen shields our view of the growing stacks of boxes.


The dining table moved and now hugs a wall in the living room. A small lamp spills light onto the table and the painting above. This is a favorite positioning of the dining room table for me as I often think of myself sitting in the dining car of a train or at a grand hotel. With the absence of our kitchen table, also sold on Craigslist, all meals and many a conversation happen at the table in the living room. This practical setup exudes a cozy feeling for the entire room.


An ivy plant and our black Buddha are the only two accessories in this room.  The rest have been packed away.  Something about a plant grounds me, gives me peace, and speaks to the new life that is before us. The Buddha with his calm demeanor, toes sticking out from his frock, has always brought humor and delight.  Both offer good reminders for living in this land of in-between.

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