From Katharine Hepburn to Phoebe!



KH chair

(a look at Katharine Hepburn . . .  Phoebe is on order)

A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless.  May Sarton


One of my constants in life is snuggling into the worn and comfy chair I call Katharine Hepburn. When I was first divorced and moved into a house that held me well, I purchased this chair.  An admirer of Katharine Hepburn as a strong and independent woman, this house and this chair were symbols of these qualities.  For twenty some years, Ms Hepburn and I have lived well together.


I call Ms Hepburn the do-nothing La-Z-Boy.  Most La-Z-Boys recline or swivel or have buttons that do things.  The Katharine Hepburn chair does nothing.  She simply sits beautifully.  One’s legs can be tucked underneath, thrown over the arms, or crossed in a yoga pose.  She offers space to get comfortable with a book, a journal, or a conversation with a friend.


As we prepare for this move and make decisions of what goes and what does not, we noticed her worn comfy body.  She needed some help, like a new cushion and fabric.  Our plan was to have her reupholstered, but then discovered that to do this was twice the cost of a new chair.  Being practical people on this issue, we began our search for her replacement.


We visited the La-Z-Boy store and asked for a do-nothing chair.  This required an explanation for our puzzled salesperson. After an amused smile and agreement that this was a pretty good definition of such a chair, she acknowledged there were only a few from which to choose.  This was how we met Phoebe, a name given by La-Z-Boy.


To look at her is to feel your body say ‘ahhhhh’.  Sitting in her is like falling into the most comfortable bed.  Plenty of room to tuck legs underneath, to rest, to read, to ponder life. Immediately, Don and I gave her the most comfortable chair award.  She was the one!  The right size, the right shape, with plenty of fabric choices to suit our new house decor.  Who knew that Grass would be in our color vocabulary, sharing a room with Kiwi and Crayola?


The house on Rumley Run will have a different vibe than Simplicity, but one thing is for sure, a comfortable chair will welcome one and all, whether short or tall, old or young.  Just like her predecessor who has given years of her life, Phoebe will grow into a well-loved and soulful presence in our home.


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