Waiting Anxiously

moving boxes


Waiting makes me restless.  When I’m ready, I’m ready.          Reba McEntire


Two companions, Waiting and Anxiety, have joined us during our days of house selling and house buying.   Both Don and I take responsibility and make things happen. Don prefers to connect by phone.  I prefer email.   Yet, much of this current situation is out of our control.  Documents go to underwriters or to third parties or to somewhere in the internet family. Then we wait for their approval or signature or return with additional information.  Everything has a process, a known protocol, in the real estate community.  This is a new neighborhood for us to navigate with ease and assurance.  With each transaction in the sale of Simplicity or the purchase of the new home, we are grateful for a gifted real estate agent.  Without her we would be sitting on a whole bunch of questions and moving nowhere.


Still, we wait.  We wait for the right moment to tell our neighbors. We wait for an offer, then a counter offer, then the results of the house inspection. We wait . . . anxiously.



Timeliness has never felt more important.  A hail storm in May damaged our roof. We did not rush to replace.  We had no idea we would be moving.  With the sale of Simplicity, a new roof and gutter covers were mandatory.  Instantly, an inspector, an insurance claim, and a roofing outfit that had an opening before the end of October was crucial to the sale of the house.  It seems all will happen in the designated time, but not without anxious waiting.  Yesterday, the insurance check arrived and that item on our  list no longer receives our anxious waiting. Instead, restlessness transfers its energy to the many more still deserving of such diligent worrying.


Deep breath.


Due to the quick pace of Simplicity’s sale and a backlog of available appraisers, the appraisal was completed after our sale price was agreed upon by the buyer.  Our familiar friends, Restless and Worry, wondered if our selling price had been too high and if so, what would happen next?  The appraisal arrived this week. Once again, all was well, but not without our minds dashing back and forth with projected problems and possible delays.


Another deep breath.


I remember early on in this process, (only four weeks ago?) we worried whether this quirky older home would even sell.  Being an unusual house, finding the right buyer could be difficult.  Once again, timeliness was of importance.  We required a buyer who was not needing to sell a house, had been pre-approved by the bank, and was ready to move in October.   That very scenario happened in a timely fashion. This process continued to find the magic.


Our nights since August 28th have been restless. That’s when we fell in love with our new home and said YES.  The ball started rolling, taking us with it.   Everything about this move feels right, timely, and perfect.  Our excitement borders on being giddy.  Our energy explodes with creative thoughts.  Still, these days of waiting anxiously is where we live.  In this land of in-between.  A land where we are not in charge, but trust and rely on the expertise of Monika and SueAnne and Fred and Tyler and Becca and the many voices we have come to know over the phone.  They are the ones who steady our nerves, handle our barrage of questions, and remind us that this is nothing out of the ordinary.  Well, their ordinary is our extraordinary.


Deep Breath!


More boxes to pack. I see we are running low.  A quick call is made to my new friend, Ryan, in the produce department at Pick n Save.  He saves the sturdy fruit boxes for me. I pause to think of all the new people we have met since the end of August.  Their smiles and helpfulness have tempered our anxiety, calmed our fears.  The phone rings.  Tyler, the roofer, says the crew will be here on Monday. Another worry finds relief. Such good people working on our behalf.


Deep breath.


Deep gratitude!

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