Remembering . . . the seeds of grass


In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.              William Blake


When we moved into Simplicity, she was empty. Not a thing in her, not a thing around her.  Perhaps that was why we were able to see her strong bones so well.  As we worked on the inside, her outside equally demanded attention.  She was a yellow island in a sea of brown dirt.  She needed grass and shrubs and flowers and trees.  A lawn service was hired to give her green grass.  They grated the dirt and then sprinkled seeds.  It was our job to water twice a day.  That became my first task of loving this old house.  To encourage her grass to grow.


Faithfully I moved hoses and water to give her a good drink twice a day.  My rainboots would be donned at the back door and off I would go.  Day by day, week by week, I did this.  Tender loving care, faithful watering, and soon little blades of grass were confidently emerging.


When it came time for plants, I remember telling a friend that I could not dig up or use any kind of killer on those precious blades of grass.  I had nurtured their becoming. Their early development was my responsibility. They needed more time to grow. Plantings had to wait an entire year.


Recently our current lawn service burned sections of our grass.  They reseeded and the request of us was to water faithfully.  Once again, I was moving hoses and water.  As I did, I remembered those early days sixteen years ago when we first tended the needs of this old house.  The cycle of life goes around and around. We plant seeds, water, and bask in the abundance.  Our time here has grown us – our relationship, our creativity, and our sense of place.  Simplicity has given us a green and abundant life.

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