Home with a heart Sign


Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at just this moment.  There are no coincidences in the universe, only convergences of Will, Intent, and Experience.  Neale Donald Walsch

Simplicity is sold.

I need to let that reality soak in.

Simplicity has been sold.


That means she will have new owners.  That means we are moving out.  That means our relationship with this old house is soon to end.


Within eleven days we saw our perfect home, submitted an offer, put Simplicity on the market, had an open house and showings, and she sold.  That’s one packed stretch of time.  Our hearts, thoughts, and stomachs have had one wild ride.


These eleven days have squeezed every possible emotion from our bodies.  Fear, anxiety, excitement, relief, sadness, joy, anticipation, worry and more.  The nights, where the heart and soul have time to ponder, have been sleepless.  The days, where the body and mind are overly active, have been managing the million details in these transactions.  Exhaustion has been the result. Nothing has felt simple, light, playful.  Not yet.


In the midst of this sense of overwhelm, is deep gratitude.  Simplicity’s new owners sound like they were hand-picked.   Their realtor shared with ours . . .


“My couple fell in love with the character of the home, as well as its story! It reminded them of the houses they grew up in, and they love what your Seller has done with it. They hope to build on it for their time there, as their family grows!”


Sitting in Simplicity, I hear her confidence that all is just as it should be.  It is time for us to leave.  It is time for a family to move in.  Once again, Simplicity will offer herself to be molded and shaped by the lives of her new owners.  This is part of her DNA, her personality.  This is her gifted nature.


Don and I are ever so thankful for the professionals who have guided us, answered the questions that have muddled our brains, and given us courage to carry on.  Our realtor, Monika, not only found our new home but believed in the value of Simplicity. We asked her how long have we been searching for our next home.  Her reply, “My notes go back as far as five years.” What I know is that the undocumented is much longer. This journey to find home, the perfect home for us, has been lengthy.  We have been intentional in our search, our demands of a house, and the kind of lifestyle we desire to live.  Our mantra became, we will know it when we see it.   Well, we saw it less than two weeks ago.


It has taken a village of well-informed specialists to calm our nerves, hear our stories, and earn our trust.  Each day another check mark or two or three is made beside a looming task.  Each day the overwhelm finds some release and the wiggle of playful delight is seen through the crack.  The immediate days ahead will find us asking questions of ourselves and each other about what goes, what stays.  Boxes of every shape and size will be our constant companions.  Order will turn into chaos.  We will live in the temporary state of in-between.


Today I made a reference to ‘our house’.  When asked for clarification as what house I was meaning, Simplicity or the one we are buying, I realized that it was the new house.  Somewhere between last night and this morning, the house that sits on the bend of Rumley Run has become home, the house in which I live forward.  That brings a deep peace.

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