Simplicity is For Sale

2015 Simplicity side

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney


Simplicity goes on the market tomorrow!


Rewind the story. Begin again.

Simplicity goes on the market tomorrow.


A few weeks ago, we met with a realtor friend to ask about the housing market.  Seemed like now would be a wise time to sell if we could find our dream home.  Last Friday, she sent an email about an open house of a new build in our village.  That evening we rode our bikes over and looked in the windows.  Nothing impressed us. We considered not even going to the open house and then said to ourselves, “Everything is helpful information.”


Saturday afternoon was cold, gray, and rainy.  Once again, seeing the front of the house said nothing exceptional to us.  Then we walked in.  Magic happened.  The open floor plan, the volume of light coming into each room, the spirit of this modest looking home started speaking to us.


The new home had details we appreciated.  A separate ‘wing’ for guests, cathedral ceilings in the great room, deep window sills, white woodwork, a walk-in shower, a soaking tub, recessed ceiling in the master suite, kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves, a fireplace, nine and a half foot ceilings in the unfinished basement.  Excitement began building.  We felt ourselves becoming more alive.


Trying to put our over eager emotions in check, we saw the practical gifts presented by this home and the ease of living it offered.  Family, friends, and strangers had open space to gather. Don and I could grow old here, extending our independent living. Guest accommodations tucked away from the living space felt respectful and convenient for live-in or Airbnb use. Living on one level was practical.


Then there was the unfinished wide open basement ready to offer substantial studio space.  Two large egress windows were in place to offer kind and supportive natural light.  Already we could see the gallery walls surrounding our art-filled work space.  A center room in the basement could be a fun area to set up an indoor tent and hammock for adventuresome overnights with the grandchildren.  Our creative souls were in a land of bliss.


But before that story can unfold, dear sweet Simplicity must find a new owner.  Today was her photo shoot for the official listing. Her presence was confident. Her dignity strong and vital. Well loved, well maintained, and given creative license in these sixteen years, Simplicity is at her peak. She has trained for this very marathon.  She, too, is ready for her next calling.


Our prayer for these days of overwhelm is this:

            May our decision to leave Simplicity be clear and respectful.

            May our decision to purchase a new home be wise and adventuresome.

            May we be at peace.

Within the breath of each word spoken, we still need to clean out another drawer, sign yet another document, mop the floors, pack away a few memories, and toss out a pair of old shoes.  A new story has begun.

Simplicity goes on the market tomorrow!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the sign in the front yard could say, “House with a Heart for Sale”?


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