Simplicity’s Timeline and the Letter R

Simplicity in masking

An incident is an event that happens in real time.  A story is what you make out of it later.     Elizabeth Gilbert


Timelines are helpful tools in seeing the whole of something. Simplicity’s story can be playfully written using the letter R.  Here we go.


Mr. Fred Schuman built a REASONABLE house in 1905, nothing fancy or pretentious.  When the construction finished, the family was READY to move in. The Schuman’s were the first RESIDENTS.


In time, a RELATIVE, granddaughter Irene Schuman, RETURNED to this house she REMEMBERED as the family home. An elementary teacher in the village, she developed a stern REPUTATION.  People who knew her REFER to this house as Ms Schuman’s.


The house was RE-PURPOSED by Karen who set up a hair salon and tailor’s shop on the first floor and a RENTAL apartment upstairs.  Now it was no longer a single-family dwelling, but a RESOURCEFUL stream of income.


When the village square was REDEVELOPED in the late 1990’s, Simplicity’s future was in jeopardy.  Scheduled to be RAZED, Jim and Mike RESCUSED and RELOCATED her.  In the following year, they REMODELED and RESTORED her as a single-family dwelling.  She was put up for sale by a REALTOR. There she RESTED for twelve months, without an owner or occupant.


In our search for a home, we RECOGNIZED that this simple dwelling RECONNECTED us with our values and provided an opportunity for a RESTORATIVE way of living.  By RECLAIMING her as a family home, we RENEWED her life as well as our own.  In the seventeen years lived in this RECEPTIVE space, we have no REGRETS, only REWARDS. Our RELATIONSHIP with Simplicity  has always been RESPECTFUL.


Cheers to this American four-square!  There is good REASON to RECALL your long life. We RATE you as REMARKABLE!  To be on RECORD as your current owners is a RICH privilege.

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