The Indispensable Cupboard

A cupboard is never just a cupboard.  SEMendenhall

kitchen cabinet2

In the corner of the kitchen stands a tall narrow cupboard.  With its doors closed, it looks quiet and reserved, but inside is the clanging of our everyday life.   Pots and pans hang from hooks. The grill, griddle, coffee maker, waffle iron and blender all find a home here.  Specialty glasses for wine and beer reside on the top shelf, along with a set of twelve goblets.  The short wide, pull-out shelves keep cookie sheets, broiler pan, and trays.   Each kitchen helper is tucked into a place that not only provides ample storage, but accessibility.  Every day these doors are opened for active duty.  We marvel at the wonder of this purchase made so many years ago.

When the blonde cabinet came into our life we were living in an apartment.  A computer desk was needed that could also store paper and business documents.   Floor space was at a premium. Since this cabinet had to reside in our living room, it was important that it have doors to close off the work chaos.  A compact computer desk with full length doors was found and lived happily in Apartment 2B. Little did we know then of its amazing versatility.

The move to Simplicity brought a different need and the cabinet was recruited as an entertainment center located in the library. Computers and business items found regulation size desks in official rooms called offices. Now the multi sized shelves of the blonde cabinet welcomed a television, players of one kind or another, as well as media storage. Just as in the apartment, shutting the doors closed off the distraction when not in use.

Several years later when the library became an office, we asked ourselves what was to become of the tall blonde. I am sure we had creative conversations discussing her merits, looking into her future employment.  It was Don’s resourcefulness that found her a different job and a new location. At the time, our pots and pans were stacked in a cupboard.  Stacking is not Don’s long suit. Plenty of mumbling would be heard when trying to get the desired pan from the middle of the assembled pile.  Then there was the reverse, returning the clean pan into its rightful stacking order.  More grumbling. Frequently I found the clean pan askew on top of the stack.  Now my muttering could be heard.

The tall blonde moved into her new place.  Before long, I heard Don rummaging through the many little drawers of the work table in the basement.  “I know we have hooks somewhere.”  None found, off to Ace Hardware he goes, returning with six large cup hooks which he screws into the bottom of the top shelf.   Soon the stack of pots and pans resembled a bat colony, hanging side by side, front to back until all found a place.

Have you ever seen the face of a successful handyman who has just problem solved a dreaded daily task?  He is beaming. Grumbling has turned into “Yes! That’s more like it. This is so working.” No more bending to bang about the stacking pans on the bottom shelf. What pan is needed?  Just open the doors and easily remove at arm’s length.  See it. Select it.  Use it. Wash it. Return it.  Efficiency at its best.

With this DIY project well on its way, he began moving the toaster, the coffee maker, the grill, and on it goes.  Kitchen magic was happening in a dance of orderly orchestration.  Knowing this had a happier outcome as a one man show, I left the kitchen.

When we think of the indispensable workers here at Simplicity, the tall blonde is a standout. Not only has she provided storage and efficiency in her three lifetime roles, she has brought peace of mind to each room and to us. What will be next for her?  She has yet to lend assistance in the bathroom or a bedroom or the hallway.  For the time being, the kitchen gig is working and her contract is still active.

P.S.   Don gave a little TLC before photographing her interior shelves.  You have probably noticed the two of them have quite a lovely relationship.

kitchen cabinet

2 thoughts on “The Indispensable Cupboard

  1. “Stacking is not Don’s long suit. Plenty of mumbling would be heard when trying to get the desired pan from the middle of the assembled pile. Then there was the reverse, returning the clean pan into its rightful stacking order. More grumbling.”

    Been there, grumbled about that! ; )

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